Better Days Productions – Thank you

Better Days Productions - We Are Family
Better Days Productions – We Are Family

Much more to come as we recover with pics and videos and I will share a place to upload anything you have.

From us THANK YOU for believing in the dream, Better Days will always be relevant and nothing can change the fact that We Are Family.

Too many to thank for now but I must try a few like my beautiful daughter Alana, Mark, Raj, Justin, John, Piet, Lisa, Jasmine, Jay, Huw, Sara, Libby, Stephanie, Blake, Greg, my Irish brothers and sisters, Mary, Tony, Saara, Jim’ll and so many others who either helped or encouraged me at times when I thought maybe Better Days was best left to rest, not to mention Julie who literally nursed me back to health on Tuesday evening.

You can see Video from We Are Family

You can hear some tunes here