About Us

Better Days Productions started throwing parties back in 1992 but it was One Love in 1993 when Better Days really announced themselves to the Canadian rave scene with the party, held in a wicked disused Zellers Store but just as the the atmosphere was building with over 200 people inside and at least the same number outside the fire marshal made sure we were getting shut down.

Better Days Productions managed to pull off the impossible back in then in the winter of 1993 – for those of you that were there at “One Love”.

The party got busted and then through the genius of the Better Days brain-trust and local friends who know who they are, the party was successfully moved from the old Zellers store in downtown London Ontario to The Wave nightclub on campus at UWO.

“We conducted regular checks on the party and found everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves” said University Police Sgt Bob Earle as you can read in the article above.

Bob was spot-on… of course the first Better Days attendees were getting on down after the party got busted by the fire marshal and moved to the University campus and fair play to Bob for being so cool.

Doctor No, Dale Charles, JohnE Pallotta and Danny Henry blew the lid off the campus bar after Jason Wood and Justin Foster had secured the 2nd venue of the night.

Libby Cartwright, Holly Shiels, Warren Brown, Scott Coleman, Brenty, Greg and numerous others were instrumental in pulling off what was a legendary night. Huge shouts out to Stu Halliday, (sadly gone from us), Jamie Malkin and to all the London and Toronto massive – too numerous to mention.

Awesome memories which meant that after such a response we felt we had a duty to provide more #BetterDays – it would have been rude not to.

We Are Family led to a night of magic where people with special connections reunited at Rogue for a unique night.

Raj and Laura beaming with joy

We have many people to thank for We Are Family like Raj, Jasmine, Greg, Piet, Justin, Mark, Ian, Niall, Lisa, Chris P, the legend that is John E and so many more than I cannot name now but please accept our thanks.

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